Mike Poppe Dead Beat Dad

Mike Poppe Dead Beat Dad. This dead beat stopped paying child support claiming his kids Mom owes him money because she claimed her kid on her taxes. Well since he has the IRS up his azz because he has been lying on his taxes for the last five years to hide his real income he thinks it’s time to blame her for claiming the kid on her taxes and wants her to pay him for the years he has been cheating on his taxes to get the child credit. This dead beat spends all his money on his gay …I mean guy hunting trips and posts all his secret “guy” trips on the Greek fb page which is a secret gay page, all the while taking his closet gay status out on his son By trying to be manly and a hard a55 and verbally abusive to him and his mother. I hope this POS gets what’s coming to him in a court of law. He works for [REDACTED], don’t buy ins from this fake azz dead beat!

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