Mitchell Manning — Uses Women For Money, Cheater And Liar

This guy goes by “Oiddy” to his friends, Mitchell Manning to his family, and Will Manning at work. I had the misfortune of dating him for 3 years and he did to me what I’ve learned he did to every ex. EVERY. SINGLE. ONE. He says he’s a “good boy” and he doesn’t cheat and has only cheated “one” time, but he’s cheated on every girl he’s been with, including his pregnant girlfriend and gave her an DRD that caused fetal demise, and kept seeing the girl he got it from AFTER finding out what caused the miscarriage!!! He emotionally slaughtered almost everyone he dated. Two have gone into a psychiatric facility after their breakups. He gas-lights and you won’t notice it. He will use you for money, convince you to pay for things like his college because it’s an “investment into our future family”. But he did it to the girl before me too, and did his schoolwork….just like she did. He loves the adderall and he’s good at hiding it. He also lies about being abused as a child. He even convinced his family he’s abused by a girl they met one time, as an adult. So beware when you hear him telling stories about his past, 95% of it is bs. He also broke in through my window. And he’s extremely delusional. . Beware.

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