Dayshown Lindsey (@Switch_it_Up_Dee) is a Cumgluzzing Funky Dog Headed Bitch with Bad PH BALANCE

Dayshown Lindsey (@Switch_it_Up_Dee) is a Cumgluzzing Funky Dog Headed Bitch with Bad PH BALANCE. normally dont address stuff like this but I thought I would address this funky pussy ass bitch Dayshown Lindsey or as shes known on IG @switch_it_up_dee. This duck faced ass bitch with her gap tooth really gassed and thinks shes all that.
For one sweetheart you just a random face for niggas to bust a nut on. You’ve been so busy entertaining niggas that you fail to have time with your kids. You think buying them a PS5 is good parenting. Goofy dog faced bitch lol.
And it pretty well known in the 9th ward (you stay on N. Roman right and drive a white SUV right?) you got that funk box and got the nerve to want to wear shorts knowing your body odor isnt that of pleasant welcoming smell. kinda ironic you’re on record saying you loooove seafood and smell like such. Well damn I guess you are what you eat when you think about it. another thing…. I dont know if you are aware of but clearly need to be informed about is you never to stop wearing so much makeup cause you already look casket ready ol DickSlurping frog faced bitch!!!!!
You so eager for your 15 minutes of fame let me help you out .

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