Cassandra Angelic Zamora Disgusting Homewrecker Tries Getting Pregnant By Married Taken Men

Cassandra Angelic Zamora Disgusting Homewrecker Tries Getting Pregnant By Married Taken Men. This nasty woman here with horrible background gets helped out by my husband and gets hired with his job. She ends up hitting on all married men there with a story about how she can’t get pregnant with her current boyfriend. Later to find out she was emailing my husband crazy disgusting fetish fantasies on people eating her a55 while sweating. My husband at the time was super stressed and depressed due to [REDACTED] running a business and a baby on the way. He worked overtime and spend most his time at work. For this sick demented woman to take advantage of a mentally unstable family man. She practically forced herself on him making him watch porn in her vehicle. From there my husband came to me and was open of telling me everything that was going on. She started to frame him and ended up getting pregnant by another man. She was literally screwing around any man so she can end up pregnant and Frame or blackmail my husband. My husband felt horrible after the tragedy and took everything upon himself and fell deep in depression he felt like he had failed his family we went to get help and get any type of counseling but unfortunately He lost his battle to depression. I’m sick and devastated that a sick woman like this walks around like it’s okay to have brought a child into this world as a pawn to maintain her lowlife. She ended up with some random man All of sudden this child is his besides the fact she was framing it was my husbands and her current boyfriend. Which that boyfriend kicked her out if his home. I seriously can’t believe woman like this walk this world with no Care harming families. Now I have 2 babies I have to take on forward without their daddy. This is seriously heartbreaking. And I hope Karma bites you in your disgusting stinking a55.

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