Kea Brooks Hayes — Dirty Mutt RAT Junkie

Guys be careful of this mutt. Not only is she full of drd from banging needles she will tell you she clean and use you for everything you got then beats the sh1t out of you on some drug fueled rage calls the cops and says you beat her. She’s a RAT so your ass ends up in jail not hers She steals from anyone and everyone. She been passed around so much she got nasty a55 beef curtains flappin at her crusty thighs. She a cop caller and blower Acts like she hate the pigs buts a snitch If you dont want your sh1t falling off then keep it out of the mutt rat monkey. She aint worth the lay or blow I don’t even know how she gets paid for sex she lays their like a dead ass pillow guess when you gotta bust sh1ts all the same She been arrested for drugs assaults destroying stuff She slashed a girls tires and threatened to burn a house down cuz her ex moved on She is straight up crazy.

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