Christie Tavalin — Nashville’s Tweaking Nanny

This sorry mess doubt tweaked up nanny who uses meth around a children she takes care of is also a gang banger girl having worked in the swing clubs of Nashville eyes always hooking up with men the last one she stole everything from a car to all the poor guy’s jewelry demand set men let her have gangbangs with other men and screams that they are insecure when they don’t allow it lives in Hendersonville stays high on meth or drunk 24/7 but the worst thing she does is use around small children works in Germantown for a family and its high as hell constantly and God was strange man singles out other man and uses a criminal element is she associates with where she gets her drugs to steal and Rob the wedding gentleman that she meets a real scumbag Christie Tavalin.. scourge of the anny union.. how would you like this scumbag to take care of your child.. Nashville’s tweaking nanny.

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