Tristin Anne Hoffarth Post #2

Tristin Anne Hoffarth Post #2. This lady with a pig nose right here and fuked up eyes without a jaw line sure likes to talk about other women’s body’s and the shape of their vaginas when she doesn’t even have one. This b1tch has no a and no curves to her body, she literally lives off of her boyfriend and she sure likes to talk a lot of sh1t about other women that she’s clearly jealous of. Tristin just give it up already. You’re the only one with a deformed face and a deformed body in swift current. Also quit saying Richard raped your daughter you gross ditch pig. Everyone knows you lie and say your daughter is sick all the time just to keep Richard from seeing her. Just wait, pretty soon Richard will have full custody of your daughter and you will be losing all of your kids for your profile is being hacked and all of your messages and info to anyone will be seen by all. Watch who you fuk with. Some of us actually know what we’re doing enjoy what’s left of your pathetic life. Pretty soon everyone will know exactly what kind of person you are. Oh and this chick lives in swift current Saskatchewan too

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