Kali Klatt — Moose Jaw

Kali Klatt Moose Jaw. This gurl right here, is the worlds most disgusting person. She has 2 kids but won’t let the dad see them cause he’s married. She is hardcorde into drugs, and will do anything for drugs. She sucked off a truck driver for drug money. She leave her kids wit whoever will take em’ to go get high and drink. Not to mention when she lived in the sh1t hole Swift Current she was using her “dad” for money all the time. She has so many drug charges and works in the health region as a CCA. I dunno if I’d want her around my old man. She is a useless piece of sh1t, she is the worst mother to her kids. She needs to lose them. She is so loose and smells like trout, believe me. When we fuked, she smelt so bad I almost puked. I had to picture another girl just to be able to get off, thank Christ I dint knock the b1tch up. She be nasty. Stay away from her Moose Jaw, her and her toothless mother will do anything for a hoot. Especially meth

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