Aram Aram — Stay Away From Him!!!

Aram Aram — Stay Away From Him!!!. Aram Aram This filthy loser and momma’s boy thinks he’s the sh1t. Ladies beware of this man whore. He’s no good and treats women like sh1!! He’s broke and has no job and lives with his momma. He has a long criminal record and served major time in prison. He’s even had a retraining order filed against him by one of his exes. He makes up sorry ass excuses for his past and never accepts responsibility. He makes women feel special by bringing them around his momma’s house only to get in their pants and then dumps them after a few months. He’s a cheater!!! His personality is so disgusting. Once he gets you to like him he becomes controlling and always so jealous. He’s an alcoholic and gets into fights at the bars in downtown Turlock. Stay away from this poor excuse of a “man”. This guy will make you feel like you are his number one till he has to man up. Makes sense why he can’t stay in a long term relationship. Beware of who you get involved with ladies. Any woman that gives him a chance will regret it!

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