Sheila Calkins – Thief River Fall, MN – Homewrecker

Sheila Calkins – Thief River Fall MN – Homewrecker. She is the lowest form of scum. Went after my husband knowing he was married but didn’t give a damn. She threw her self at him and seduced him . Took off all her clothes right in a public camp ground and started giving him head. Then got her truck all ready for him to give her oral and fuk her. She doesn’t give a sh1t she ruined a marriage, destroyed the kids lives and both our extendef family’s. He begs for forgiveness and says she was awful and not worth it. Top it all off she gave him an DRDs he gave to me. So look out she doesn’t care who’s lives she destroys. Our children are beyond angry. She is a true skank and white trash. Their is a special place in hell for people like her.

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