Grace Izquierdo — A Fraud Realtor In Miami From KW Keller William

Please do not buy or rent any property with this completely incompetent realtor. I want to report the bad work and incompetence of 2 realtors from Keller Williams Realty in Coconut Grove Miami FL. I bought a house, we closed the deal January 2020. And I still can’t live in the property because is not water, no electricity, Master permit open. I’m first buyer and They took advantage of me. Grace Izquierdo and Raquel Hernandez are scammers, they took advantage of me for the first time that I bought a house. They never explained to me all the problems that the house had, they lied to me and made me believe that the house was ready to be habitable and it was never like that. They broke my dreams of first time buying a house and living it with my children. Since the house had ALL OPEN PERMITS AND VIOLATIONS, ILLEGAL CONSTRUCTIONS, AND NOW I HAVE HAD ALMOST $ 100 Thousand in EXPENSES on repairs and permits and violations that I have had to pay. Going over my budget. Raquel Hernandez and Grace Izquierdo never told me anything about these things and they were the only realtors on both sides. They put me to sign everything all the documents with out explaining to me what I was signing and I didn’t know a house could have all this problems. They knew that I need a house to me in right away. That is to say, they sold me a completely poorly made house, the electricity inspector came and says that this is completely wrong that the house can catch fire if the electricity is connected in that way that the cables were. I had to completely turn down a bathroom because it was illegal, the pipes badly made everything and they lied to me about all this. Not only them, the title company and the person who did the financing, but she was the one who looked for everyone because she knew I was the first buyer. They sold me a house that was not worth what I paid and they earned almost 30 thousand dollars in commission. Now I have to keep paying for the rent where I am, while I still have to pay the Mortgage for the house that I can not live in and is not ready to live in 60 days. This realtors never gave me the chance to know about the permits and pick if I still wanted the house with all those open permits or maybe show me other house or make me a better offer. This is not fear. They are fooling people just to get their commission a

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