Tristan Rissling — My Strange Bean Addiction

Tristan Rissling — My Strange Bean Addiction. This fuker can juggle grass better any person I have ever seen in my life. Like in Dr. Suess green eggs and ham, he can juggle grass on a boat, with a goat, here, there, everywhere, never in my life, have I ever seen a man juggle grass at a funeral, but this 26 inch penis son if a b1tch can pull out the W. Now I know what you might be wondering, Tianna, you strange smelling thundercat, this gossip title is called “my strange bean addiction” what does juggling grass and Tristian’s terrifyingly large penis have to do with bean addiction? Well listen here fukface, I need give you context to what kind of person this man is, before I can get to that. Also don’t call me thundercat. Anyway, rumour has it that this man can power a police cruiser using nothing but his gas. I saw him eating beans the other day while I was following him in a trashcan. Do you have any idea how many beans you got to eat in order power a police cruiser? I dont think I can even count that high. Look, I just think we need to keep an eye on him, who knows what he is capable of, or even worse, how much damage his sh1ts could cause. More info later.

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