Sydney Madore — Photoshopped Homewrecking Skank

This b1tch is the one and only Sydney Madore. She may look innocent and sweet but she is a liar scoundrel b1tch. Moved provinces to have a relationship with a married man. Couldn’t find her way back so had another married man come and retrieve her. She is ugly as all can be ; but the photoshop she uses is really a huge improvement on this whore. Drd central. Check out those teeth. Let’s talk about chainsaw . And the fat a55 she carries on that frame. Let’s see, maybe if you weren’t ugly , a b1tch and fat , you could actually find someone. And don’t worry sweet heart! I know you were talking to my ex as well. Good thing it ended fast. Because he had the plan to drive you out of the city and leave you stranded . Maybe for another married man to retrieve . Go ahead come onto my sloppy seconds, it won’t get you far. Be warned med hat!

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