Robyn Duxbury Laffin — Someone Had A LONG A55 Day

Robyn Duxbury Laffin — Someone Had A LONG A55 Day. Sloppy lips Robyn!!!! mothers beware if your sons hang around with her 2 boys, she has probably slept with them already. She is nothing but trash gets chased out of cities for sleeping around with young men. She thinks she is a “pin up” biker but she is nothing but a wannabe, with gross saggy skin, sh1tty tattoos and a long long cottage cheese a55. She has been known to sleep with young guys and has lingerie photos all over her social media for young boys to look at (she adds her sons friends to Facebook and posts these photos for them to look at) she is a deadbeat “mom” I use that term very loosely (not as loose as her though) she wants nothing to do with her kids so she can whore around the city. She has multiple infections down below and doesn’t tell anyone.

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