Magnus Commodor Ratchet, Immature, Drama Seeking Cvnt.

Magnus Commodor Ratchet Immature Drama Seeking Cvnt.Where should I even start with this piece of f*cking work. Magnus is a 16 year old child, of many many words. FIRST, Lets start with the fact that he has absolutely no respect for anyone in his life, let alone himself. As long as this kid gets his d1ck ACKNOWLEDGED, he’s happy, does not matter whether it’s a homies ex, or someone he just knows he shouldn’t be trying to screw around with. SECOND, this kid will manipulate girls by leading them on, using them for rides, money, weed, or just to get his d1ck wet. BUUUT then will lie straight to their face over anything. Magnus Commodor is someone who should not be trusted, he is the biggest rat, along side DRD infested PU55Y.

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