Kennedy Carr Bad Mom/ Sleeps Around

Kennedy Carr Bad Mom/ Sleeps Around.This nasty thing that goes by the name of Kennedy c0ck Carr she sure is something else, first off she had two kids by the age of 19 she clearly doesn’t know what makes them or how to close her legs suprised there even with the same dad, she is nothing but a victim of the poor me uses the governments money and student loans then drops out as she thinks she’s a self entitled cvnt and deserves to go out partying every weekend and ditching her kids with whoever possible so she can go to party’s to get tagged teamed by her new pepsied out boyfriend and his fat friends, she also brings all her friends into her drama and calling the cops on her ex baby daddy im so glad I’m no longer friends with her some of the stuff she told me and the girls would make a person fukin sick she’s nothing but a whore with daddy issues as her dad ran off She was young, I’m sure he would be real proud be careful she will bang your boyfriend as she tried to bang mine

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Allegedly is a meth head, and has a small peepee.

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