Ana Sanford The Stinky Pu55y Infected Methhead That Fuks And Sucks Old Men For Her Drug Habbit

This little girl is bottom of the barrel scum at its worst.. she is young as fuk and yet has slept with so many guys that are either off of tinder or old men or junkies that dont shower or wash there fuken ginch ever just like her she litterally looks like a washed up floozy she will try and blame it on daddy issues but shes the issue LOL shes literally insane cuts herself and she loves it up her a55s she fuks guys that dont even put sheets on there bed and there houses stink like piss and she loves every minute of it she is soo ugly too with her greasy a55 hair and her bags under her eyes with her sh1tty dollar store makeup she wears somebody get this girl a shower and some panties hahahaha and tell her to quit sucking d1ck for her dope and giving her DRDs to every guy she fuks this b1tch deffinetly is the gift that keeps on giving . Her fav is having fuking old guys and calling them daddy while they cvm in her smelly a55

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