Suvada Mulalic — Girl..? Boy..? I D K.

This thing wearing white new all about me, smiled in my face, and came on to my husband, who was too weak of a boy to tell her to f off, so they had a 9-month long affair. When busted she gave me the excuse her husband had did this to her years ago so she found a weak MF to entice and she felt terrible because she knew he loved me. I LOL at how terrible she felt because for nine months you could not have felt so terrible. I did tell her husband, her daughter, and her brother. My husband is also all over these websites as well because I posted it. It is embarrassing enough to see what he did and who he did it with, because I may not be a supermodel but I damn sure am not that. They always say men cheat with women way uglier than who they have because they are weak and the females, if you can call her that, are so weak!

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