Regan Grimes — Vagina Grimes / Vic The B1tch Grimes

Regan Grimes — Vagina Grimes / Vic The B1tch Grimes. Vagina grimes well known for his body building. This guy is a fake scam artist. First off he didn’t pay the manger at his gym who ran it for him cause victoria is a lazy cvnt. Him and his wife make fun off everyone thinking they’re better then everyone. Victoria apparently has or had anxiety but makes fun of other ppl causes they don’t look as good as her. She’s very annoying voiced woman… Vagina Grimes … put ppl down he doesn’t motivate anyone he’s only for the followers. He goes through friends every month. His new gym is 1/3 smaller and only having his close friends if he’s got any after scamming close friends around him. These two are the biggest loser London ever had.

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