John Theissler — User Psycho Thief Drd

John Theissler User Psycho Thief Drd. John is disgusting. He’s a user. He steals anything he can. He will tell you he loves you while fukin anyone who will talk to him. He will steal thousands of dollars from you. He barely works and can’t hold down a job. He uses his diabetes as a way to make people feel sorry for him. He has a small d1ck with drd. He will pretend to be girls and make fake accounts to make himself look wanted. Remember ladies nobody falls in love faster than a loser who needs a place to stay. He will never be loyal. He has his “girlfriend” Jess and her family convinced he’s a good guy but he’s cheating as usual. He’s using her for a ride and place to stay. His family kicked him out because he’s a loser and stole money from them. Don’t trust this loser.

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