Leilani Golston — Horrible Tenant With Anger Problems!

This girl is 19 with no job smooching off her boyfriend who also has anger problems and is 22. We let them stay in our home out of the kindness of our heart during this covid pandemic. Our kindness was quickly taken for weakness as they had no manners, never cleaned up after themselves, loud, always smoked pot, had strangers over to our house. They were a gust, not even a tenant at this point! So one night these mofos got into a physical fight with each other , I mean the b1tch was screaming and throwing a fit like a 2 yr old. Tyrell her boyfriend tried to muffle her screams with his damn hand on her mouth. I have video/audio of the craziness they were screaming. So I come out an told them that I cannot have this type of aggression here in our home. So the b1tch said I need to get my sh1t though, I said I’m not stopping you so go ahead. Than the boyfriend wanna say they got 30 days which in all isn’t true since no money or contract was ever involved. So the b1tch started coming after me because I said to stop screaming. She than threatened to kill my birds and my dog. She kept trynna buck up to my while I just stood there lol. They both were yelling I ain’t hood or about fighting them but I never backed down? The b1tch just never swung lollll. But I called the police as she was literally going fuking insane, the bf took off an ran down the street once he heard police were coming. And the b1tch came outside while I was on the phone with 911 an it’s like she just flipped the switch like she said I wanna try to talk to you to calm things down , than saw I was on the phone with the police than freaked the fuk out again lol I’m telling y’all this b1tch is crazy, she has no job, no respect, and nothing going for her. She is a slob and a horrible person and a liar . But after the police came they told her to leave, they said no damage was caused onto my walls in the room they were in, the police also said she said that she wants her 575$ back , like what? Bitch are you dumb or stupid? I give receipts to all tenants that pay dumba55 lol but , the police left an I went to get food, I watched the security cameras to make sure she was leaving and recorded her moving out . I came home an went into the room an there was ranch splattered all over the walls an the whole room was filled with old food and trash. Nasty girl probably has drd or something. DONT RENT OR HAVE THESE MOFOS STAY WITH YOU, ON SOME REAL SH1T , they ain’t hood, they kids

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