Lauren Lin Filter Queen

Lauren Lin Filter Queen. This is [REDACTED], filter QUEEN with a pancake a$$ and no body. 90% of her photos are obviously filtered and the ones that aren’t , she’s either hiding behind a hat, colored contacts or sunglasses cause shes dog ugly without a filter and she knows it. How tf does a tranny lookin a$$ get 35k followers using filters for almost every picture?! Are people blind or did she buy those followers with moms money?! Cause she has no talent or job and still lives at home at 30 years old. Own up to how you really look. It’s sad that she walks around thinking she’s as pretty as her filtered pictures but she in reality she looks like a anorexic tr@nny. [REDCATED] you are nothing without your filters and you know it! So just stop and embrace how you really look and stop being so filtered fake. B!tches and their filters……ain’t fooling anyone once you show up in person lookin like a beat tr@nny.

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