Brynette Cruz — Good Mom Gone Bad

So my name is Lureen and I recently had a friend that was a good person when I met her. But over the last year 2019-2020 she has turned in to one of the worst people that can be called anything but a friend. She the type of girl that will be your friend just to get what she want then when she done she will talk sh1t behind your back. She will tell people that she’s been abused by her sons father but in reality she’s the one that does the abusing and would fight with him just so she can fuk around with different men. This year in January she used me to watch he son while she took nudes for som strange man and that when are relationship took a fall I didn’t like the life style she was living because I met her as a professional. She claims she fixes credit but has yet to do so. She cheats on every guy she meets and leaves her son with so many different people that she eventually lost custody of her son Ethan who doesn’t deserve a mother like this. She lies to people to get what she wants and fuks every guy that feels sorry for her so she can get money out of them. She’s slept with at least 15 men in the last year and it’s sad because she had her sons farther that took really good care of her. To sum up this little girl lady’s do not be friend her and guy wear a condom because she’s already tested positive for DRDS.

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