Allison Harrell — Nasty Crackwhore

Allison Harrell Nasty Crackwhore. Allison AKA allie is a an extremely damaged bitch and is so low in her life she will talk about someones unborn child! Then turn around and have her friend snd supposed brother who she fuks makes racial comments like a total ignorant trump supporter! She puts her children in danger ! She lives at her bosses house and trades sex for food and lodging! She doesn’t feed her kids the poor things look sickly. On top of that her oldest was sick and she failed to get in treatment sooner! She is belligerent bipolar self medicating maniacally depressed pshyco that runs her mouth! I feel bad for her ex husband for having to deal with a controlling narcissistic person! Jsmarbs marbel Harrell is also a mentality ill person!

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