Fran Ruggles — Human Sponge

This sociopath,self absorbed,parasite leaches on to anyone in order to manipulate them. She has cheated on her husband numerous times and he even caught her in a sex act with their family dog. Fran looks for people to manipulate then tries to swindle them out of money.Fran tells people God talks to her,then tries to gain control of their finances.Currently she lives in Irvine and goes to churches in Orange County volunteering at donation centers,then stealing things to sell on line.Fran also shoplifts from stores selling those things on line as well. Fran has lied,cheated,scammed and stole throughout her entire life.Fran claims to be disabled so she’s unable to work. Fran is just to lazy to work and prefers to swindle her way through life like a parasite does.

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