Kristie Maree Hyde: Teacher, Expat, Cheater In UAE

This lovely twenty something is an expat in the UAE, making her living as a primary school teacher by day. Her evenings and weekend brunches in Dubai and Fujairah with her gang of british and kiwi expat girlfriends “living their best lives” are nothing more than booze filled opportunities to have some harmless fun. Well, if you consider 2 months of sleeping with my husband, and a having a one night stands with his coworkers “just a bit of fun” and worthy of some stupid instagram hashtag. My husband was in the UAE for a few months on business. Little miss doe-eyed Kristie, just a sweet girl from Palmerston North, New Zealand, was a teacher at a well-to-do school about 2 hours east of Dubai. she met my husband at a bar in Fujairah. I was 8000 miles away, working, going to school, missing my husband. Unlike Kristie Maree, i wasn’t out boozing it up, flirting, and falling onto married guys’ d1cks. Was my husband also to blame for this? absolutely, without a doubt. he broke a vow and broke my heart into a million pieces that can never be put back together completely ever again. But there is a special place in hell for women who knowingly sleep with other women’s husbands or boyfriends. (it was obvious he and his coworkers were married. The guys all had their wedding rings on in photos i saw of them on social media “just hanging out” with Kristie and her pals, partying it up at the local bar. So Krisite Maree Hyde i hope you continue enjoy the rest of your time in Dubai, Fujairah, Abu Dhabi or wherever you go. I hope you enjoy your youth and somewhat decent looks. most of all, i hope you meet the man of your dreams: the one whose children you will try desperately to conceive, and who you will leaned on when you finally have to give up on having a child. the man who is your best friend and soulmate and person you love more than anyone. when you do meet the man of your dreams Kristie Hyde, i hope your life with him is wonderful, until that first time he cheats on you. and when everything you loved, trusted, and believed in comes crashing down around you, i hope you will feel even a fraction of the pain, humiliation, despair and anger that i felt when you slept with my husband.

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