Pratik Trivedi — Pratik Or Patrick

This old man has dimensia that he can’t even remember his name let alone the fact he talk to me on bumble as Patrick then hinge as Pratik. First he said he lives in Indianapolis then he said he lives in Greenwood and his family is all close. This whore is on evey dating app telling everyone a different story about who he is and what he does. Probably works at Walmart as a greeter.

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  1. am not even suprised to see this guy, Pratik doing this or being caught and called out for this behaviour since he has been doing it for years. When we started dating years ago, he lied to me about how much money he made, how old he was and the most random things – I don’t even think he knows how to tell the truth. Once, I caught him lie about seeing his friends after I mentioned that I have never heard him talk of anyone or met anyone. He said he was meeting some guys out for drinks but when I walked by his building he was home – alone and in the dark sitting in the corner watching TV. I was outside his building and I texted to ask how guys night out was, I remembered he lied that they were going to stay out late- how dumb! Who lies about the most basic things that mean nothing unless you’re legit a psycho. He lies about everything. It is also odd that the only friends he has are his family or girls that he went on a date with and who rejected him – manipulated girls who know nothing about his behaviour and demented mind. This summarizes the type of man he is, which is a liar, cheater, self absorbed manipulator. He is the worst kind of man because he pretends to be nice and caring but it is all an act. The act only lasts until you sleep with him and he doesn’t need you anymore. The game and courtship is over. Tossed aside, mask comes off all for sex, which was as dissapointing, as is his emotional capability. My friends and I refered to him as the fun size bar without any of the fun if you know what I mean.
    We dated for only a few months because he doesn’t have the basic human emotional requirements to be in a relationship and is selfabsorbed and all of his time is spent in his sick family dynamics. If he could, he would marry someone in his family. His weird little sister is oddly possessive of him and they are best friends because who else would want to end up with either of them. When I found out this man has never been in love and the longest relationship he had was long distance with a woman who turned down his proposal and told him she never wanted to marry him, I think I finally understood his mentality. Distance is what this man needs as he is not a good person in real life. He is not capable of loving someone or putting the effort into a relationship because that requires him care about someone outside of his family. He has not developed the fundamental skills any rational, empathetic human should have.
    How are you in your 30s and have never loved a woman and the longest relationship is a few months? That tells you everything about him. He is not capable of making a lasting emotional connection with a woman. I learned later in therapy that liars can only pretend for a few months before the fatigue sets in. When I saw who he was, I ran. I remembered him telling me that every relationship only lasted a few months, I guess after the horrible sex and dating an emotionally void midget, we all run. Stay clear of this mans abuse and narcissism – it’s only going to hurt you and feed into his game.

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