Christina Eggleston — This Girl Fuks My Best Friends Ruins My Life Then Holds My Daughter From Me And Uses Her As A Game Piece

Meet Christina eggleston the sweet, innocent girl with the biggest heart in the world……. So you’ll think!! Untill you meet the real person she is that is.i gave this girl my heart and everything I had and 6 years of my life I was always there for her and for her child and did everything I could for him as well as take a plea deal in a felony drug trafficking case that her best friend “danielle McClure” wore a video and audio wore while buying drugs from her while she was holding her daughter in her arms and me being the man I am went and said it was all me it was mine so that she would only get probation now this is after she has already cheated on me multiple times with several different people 6 in total and while I am incarcerated for 19 months straight away from her my daughter and my family she’s fuks my best friend and then after he passes away from an overdose she meets a new boyfriend and completely turns her back on me the whole time I’m in there

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