Nazneen Anwar WHO Mental Health Director Fuks Married Men

Nazneen Anwar is a sociopath who is currently working for WHO. She takes advantage of her patients, diagnosing people as she pleases with depression and then insists only she can save them (through manipulating them to worship her while she golddigs money from them) Her poor husband subconsciously knows his wife is a whore but can’t do anything about it because she’s been waiting for him to die for his money. She breaks families, lies to any extent to “save herself“ and thinks she is God. Let’s give a friendly reminder to Nazneen Anwar and her manipulation of patriarchal culture using her limited knowledge on mental health and her delusion that she is “sexy.” You’re old, fat and full of nothing but evil and bad intentions. The world needs to stop letting people like this get away with shit. WHO why are you hiring sociopaths???? Maybe we should question WHO next. The possibility of Nazneen Anwar being involved with sex trafficking is also very likely so let’s please start a campaign to investigate Nazneen Anwar, because something certainly is not right!

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