Samantha Capulin Sucks Peepees For Popeye’s

Here are some fun facts about Samantha Capulin aka Sammy Slashy/Beatrix Villalta/Beatrix Laveau/Sammy Quinzel/and now Love Lace: 1. Ditched being a mom to 4 kids at 23 after being knocked up continuously since 16 to go live the hoe life. In her own words, “do her own thing and party and live life.” 2. Uses men who actually have feelings for her, plays them and gets them to spend money on her bills, and expensive weed habit. Plays the pity card and says she’s going to be homeless etc. 3. Has sucked and f*cked multiple men for money in one night out in their cars while her sugar daddy sat in her apartment waiting for her, oblivious to what was happening 4. Fuks in the same bedroom/king size bed as her children while they’re asleep 5. Sells other women’s nude photos and videos without their consent and brags about how she “pimps out” her female friends to her homeboys 6. Has saggy gross tits, weird scary nipples and a gross wrinkly gut. Don’t buy her porn you’ll regret it. She posted a video of herself “squirting” to onlyfans when she was drunk but it was actually just piss lol 7. Used to be hella fat, body shames people but acts all fake body positive on Facebook 8. She has DRDs and sleeps around without protection 9. She is sleeping with her sugar daddy Roger and dating some simp named Tristan who actually thinks she gives a sh*t about him 10. Brags about how her ghetto a55 draws her brows on with sharpie lmao

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