Katie Penner — Alcoholic Mom Loses Custody

Katie Penner — Alcoholic Mom Loses Custody. Well well well, if it isn’t the dumpster of a family with Katie and her favorite rehab sidekick cousin (whom she dogs out and tells everyone she feels forced to even speak to her yet smiles in her face- familiar theme with this plus size amazon) – Katie is the fat one in the pics (most frequent with a tongue out wasted thinking ANYONE would ever want that) and she signed custody of her daughter over to her mother in law. The ONLY reason I even cared was because a very close friend of mine copied a video she submitted to CPS of this whale TEACHING her daughter to say “fuk off” and “you ain’t sh1t!” All while laughing and chugging alcohol. No wonder she lost custody. It’s no surprise Katie has lost a LOT of friends that I just see on Facebook alone… the comments under that video were VICIOUS as they should be. Katie Penner, karma is a b1tch and I’m pretty sure she stole your daughter and then made you look pregnant again. Good luck- lord knows ya need it!

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