Nathan Hale — Homeschool Aka Nathan Hale Aka Nate Michlewitz Is A Criminal

I grew up around Nathan Hale who was Nate Michlewitz at the times. This weirdos name is homeschool due to his crazy parents homeschooling him most his life. This kid had no friends whatsoever until his senior year of high school. Nate Michlewitz went to Suffield Academy where he stole five labtops and eight iPods. After getting kicked out of suffield where the entire school hated him he was back at my public school where he creeped everyone out. He changed his name to Nathan Hale so people in CT wouldn’t know immediately who he was. Nathan Hale recently stole credit card numbers around CT during the coronavirus shutdown from several of my friends through different scams and was caught by the police after doing so. Never hire this loser…. Ever. His college degree is a joke anyways.

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