Tyler Bonacotti — Aka Broncatti The Coward

Hi Nik! This is Tyler Broncatti, hes trying to change his name to Bonacotti but a name change wont change the fact that he nearly ruined people’s businesses and lives with his bs. “Worked” with him at a couple places in LA, he calls himself a professional but he blows through jobs faster than he blows through the money he steals from the restaurant owners. He ripped off at least 5 different spots that I know of, he would come in all arrogant demanding a high salary for his “talent” and then purchase unnecessary and pricey products and equipment on their dime. He will spend thousands of dollars on “necessities” but when it’s show time, he can’t hack it! He’s walked out mid shift more than once leaving the kitchen completely screwed and still find a way to blame it on everyone else. He uses restaurant accounts to buy stuff for himself and can’t survive a shift without getting annihilated drunk. Heard he got drd from banging some hostess, can’t run away from that! Douche Here’s the other post

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