Don Vincenti — Nicolaus Fresno And His Crew Are Predatory scumbags: Avoid Them If You Can!

Don Vincenti — Nicolaus Fresno And His Crew Are Predatory scumbags: Avoid Them If You Can!. [REDACTED] Planner Don Vincenti is a serial scammer who was run out of Chicago in the late 70’s and has lived in the Fresno, California area including the backwoods of Sanger, (anger with an “S”) ever since. This bottom-feeder has a super shady private life that he has tried to cover up, (they call him Sanger Sandusky). Don Vincenti isn’t Italian but he pretends to be a “made man” to frighten and harass the senior citizen investment clients that he embezzles from. He’s got some helpers for his racket: first CPA Terence Miller insists that senior clients use Don Vincenti to manage their stocks and frightens the naïve seniors into thinking that they have no other options, then Vincenti gets a hold of all the stocks that the seniors had accumulated at a different bank and transfers everything to Stifel under his control and refuses to let the seniors access their own money. Don Vincenti’s assistant, Christine Shirinian (of the notorious establishment “The Elbow Room”- the watering hole for the Fresno OC set) bullshits the clients about why they weren’t issued a debit card or a checkbook and why they aren’t “allowed” to access their own money. Vincenti and Shirinian then involve local notorious con man William Coleman (AKA the widow maker) to further rip off these elderly and widowed clients and when any grown children of these senior victims tries to confront Vincenti, Shirinian or William Coleman about their families getting ripped off, William Coleman bribes his goon squad to sh1t them up with brute force; William Coleman setup David Michael Reinhardt and people aware of that case know that there’s no extremes these Fresno leeches won’t go to to cover each other’s a55es. Hold on tight to your wallet and avoid these punks at all costs.

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