The Truth About Timothy Champagne

I was in a pretty serious relationship with Timothy. When we first met and he initially wasn’t interested in me and acted like he was too good for me. He was working a shit job at GNC and wanted to be a “body builder”. Months later he then hit me up asking if i wanted to be in a porn with him, i said no. I was still attracted to him so I agreed to a date. The entire time he proceeded to brag about how much money he made doing porn and how many gay men he was using. I always zoned out whenever he talked because to be honest with you, i was his karma. If he was going to use people with no guilt then I would use him with none either. He rushed our relationship and I pretty much lived with him, his apartment was dirty as fuk and he lacked MAD hygiene. I would find myself cleaning that b1tch and organizing his sh1t for him all the time. The upside to this was he would let me and my friends throw parties at his home all the time but his dad was an avid partier and once stole our bottles and drank them all with a woman he brought home. His family situation was toxic and i took sympathy in that. After a while he started to show those toxic signs and would easily get mad at me for not wanting to have sex. He always told me he was straight and was “gay for pay” but my gaydar would be going crazy sometimes, all my friends who met him would ask me if he was gay. I even told him i was a born again virgin and was waiting for marriage because i didnt want to have sex with him (or anyone). This angered him and led to our breakup. But before that, he had this idea that i would be moving in with him soon and told his family. Obviously they’d disagree with the idea and i wasnt even aware he told them. He started getting stressed out and spiraled and attempted suicide twice. He never directly blamed me for the attempts but it was clear he thought it was my fault. While he was in a mental hospital i was there for him because i cared but he continued to carry that toxic, negative personality. I broke up with his a55. Period

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