Richard Rollins, The Tax Attorney Cheater

Nik, this is Richard Rollins. Richard is an interesting tax attorney. According to similar reports Richard’s wife lives in another country and while she’s away he bangs multiple women including but not limited to Mimi Lulgjuraj aka Mimi Lang aka Maria Lulgjuraj aka so many other names. The reports about Mimi indicate that Lulgjuraj is in it for the money and Rollins is in it because he’s 75 and can’t get any without a blue pill and a couple hundred on the dresser for Mimi. Apparently Richard wanted a sex tape and photos of Mimi so he bought her a green Chanel backpack (her first Chanel how exciting) and Chanel earrings she wanted that are really geared towards more urban women and look like something from Chinatown, but Mimi Lulgjuraj wants everyone to know she gets designer things for sleeping with men. Richard also gives Mimi money to purchase ugly designer things like Versace do-rags to hold her wigs and extensions in place, expensive silk pajamas, pays her bills, and receives an obscene amount of injections in her face. If Richard says no she threatens him with the sex videos and lovely pictures they have together in his Rolls Royce while she wears the ugly see through Missoni dress he bought her while her cellulite and cankles are displayed, and Richard submits to Mimi and gives her more money. Richards wife you’re a beautiful lady (photo above) I hope this finds you kindly. In my opinion Richard, you’re sick and twisted old gramps, but anyone who trusts you with their tax problems I’m sure knows they’re in great hands because you are such a trustworthy standup guy!

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