Peter Tibet The User Of Women And Abuser Of His Family’s Money

This guy is a loser, he uses women to finance himself and is abusing his late fathers estate in probate by using his dads credit cards and not paying them, by selling his Mom’s jewelry that was supposed to go to his sister and by selling the replica model for eighters that his dad built by hand… he’s a loser that needs viagra to get his crooked d1ck hard and he’s so addicted to porn that he can’t even cum with a real woman only his hand. He stalked a female member of the family while being with a girl in California who was giving him 1500$ a month and he stick his kid with her while he stuck in a methhead named Tammy Jahn.. he is using her because he wants his dads house and she’s in real estate. Women only serve a purpose with him. He’s an alcoholic smoker who shots his pants and his a55 bleeds from hemorrhoids, and he cries a lot, he’ll say he loves you but only knows how to use you… watch out and spread for the women to walk away from them … he’s got disease – don’t play around he fucked me over he will do it to you!!

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