Maria Lulgjuraj — AKA MIMI LANG IS A MENTAL CASE. Mimi Mimi Mimi you did it again. Hey guys check out this PSYCHOPATH Maria Lulgjuraj testifying for a free trip to LA. Not only is her reputation bad in Michigan but it transcends into California now too. Apparently Maria took a trip to California a while back and got upset because she was being made fun of at dinner for being UGLY and OLD and decided to accuse a plastic surgeon of sexual harassment. (Dr Simoni) during her stay in LA Mimi stayed with a beautiful girl but was quickly kicked out because she was doing WEIRD shit and has now decided to team up with the girls ex fiancé in a legal case against her for revenge. Wow. You really have nothing better to do than cause problems for people you crazy b1tch. Not only did you submit your friend Madeline Gurley (among others) but now you’re going after a beautiful girl in LA all because she told you you couldn’t stay at her home? You have three fuking kids and this is how you spend your free time? Causing problems for people? YOU NEED HELP SICKO.

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