Leila Fawaz Is A JOKE

Nik, this is Leila Fawaz. Typical Dearborn loser who pretends she is so successful now that she’s a realtor but sells nasty cheap homes. Leila is such a loser that she buys all of her Instagram followers and likes as if people don’t know just to pretend she’s so successful now. HILARIOUS. She is also a dead beat mom whose baby daddy hates her and complains about how she embarrassed him because she sleeps with everyone in town. Leila sleeps with all of her friends over too. (Hence why she doesn’t have any). Recently she got an ass job and pretends it’s “all natural” like we all know a 105 pound girl doesn’t grow an ass like that over night. She’s such a gross butterface. This girl deserves to be blasted.

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