Kevin Dwight Cadogan — Yes Angie He Is Cheating

Kevin has been in a relationship with Angie Riley they live off Henri in frenchtown Villa trailer park. Recently Kevin’s baby mama told Angie that he had slept with her the night before he was able to convince Her that he hadn’t slept with his baby mama. But the truth is Kevin has been sleeping with another woman the whole time he’s been with Angie on more than one occasion as I heard him and the other woman screwing just that morning and on other occasions as well.ive heard that he’s slept with his baby’s mama repeatedly on and off in the past and I’m sure he slept with her that Saturday too, which means this man slept with two possiblely three (if you count Angie)different women in 1 day. So if anybody meets Angie Riley who lives in frenchtown Villa off Henri in Newport Michigan she’ll have a southern accent as she is from Tennessee and has two kids a son and a daughter, plus Kevin’s daughter. Please, let her know he’s cheating and that she should really check all the messages in his phone that would be great.

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