Can’t Stop Won’t Stop The Slop — Kaili Pearse

Kaili has been put on here directly 3 times and indirectly 2 other times. I had no idea until one night she decided to mention it to me. Less than a week later, I find out she has been f*cking some homeless scum skid wanna be rappers in Sault Ste Marie among other people. Kaili’s currently living with her grandmother because she cant keep her life together, stays in hotels on the weekends to pull tricks and be the junkie hoe she always dreamed of being. This chick has zero qualms about using every guy she ever meets and gives zero f*cks about the smell she emits between her legs after f*cking you without a condom. Her specialty is letting guys f*ck her with no condom and telling them to blow in side of her so she can make you think she is your girl. All along she is f*cking half the town at the same time. She hasn’t changed since she been a teen and won’t save your money and time leave this tramp where you find her.

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