Bill Davey — Warning! Run Fast From This One!

My name is Bill Davey. I’m a sexist pig who likes to date multiple women at the same time and play them all against each other IF I choose to tell them about it at all. I compulsively lie to all of them and beg some of them to use sex toys on me. I’m cheap, broke, a severe alcoholic, deadbeat dad, and have been driving with no license for years. I’ve had over a half dozen DUIs and been to jail a couple times for drunk driving. I’m a psychopath, narcissist and the worst a man can be. Oh! I also have cameras set up all around the inside of my double wide trailer to “watch my cat when I’m gone”. Wink wink. You might get extra woozy if I give you a drink while at my place a be a star! Ignore this warning and my red flags and you will be sorry!

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