Amber Nehmeh — She’s Back

November 23rd-25th Amber planned a trip w her at the time fiancé to NYC for weekend. Friday night the 23rd she snuck out of the room at midnight after having sex w him. She came back to the room at 2am – pretended to have met a female friend of hers in the lobby that was coincidentally in New York. Total lie. The guy she met – Instagram account “blu3printt” lives in New York and had a room ready for her. He video taped her act with him that night and sent a DM to her. In her DM was complete conversation log of them planning the weekend and discussing money. This dummy forgot to delete the thread of dirty pictures and messages she had been sending him. 4 days later the ex fiancé found out, left her and took the ring back. She does Title co closings for Title but it’s really all a front – she’s an undercover floozy- her sister is no better always pretending she didn’t know what Ambers doing. She hustles men too.

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