Iraqi Sexist Stalker Karar AlShabani

Nik, I am tired of these sexist Iraqi rejects harassing women. This guy slithered into the United States some years ago from the slums of Iraq and committed fraud to become a permenant resident Not only that, he is on a dating site called Arablounge calling women whores and sluts because they rejected him. I even have sceenshots of him calling women “babe” and when the woman rejects him, he calls her names. He truly does look like a hiry gorilla! and he shames women for looking for love online when he is the one searching for women like a predator. He thinks he is a ladie’s man but he sounds like a creepy loser! He has no respect for women, hence why he calls them “babe”. He is one of those radical Iraqis who hide behind tacky ill fitting westernized clothing. He is no different than the ISIS trash you see on tv and read about! he lies to women about being a business owner which is another way of saying unemployed! no straight man is taking selfies in a gross bathroom! and no man is spraying in his receding hairline with black shoe polish! he is a joke and a predator to all women!

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