Malia Perez — Drunk Slob Copy Cat

Malia Perez got her first DUI. Haha, that’s what happens when you call the cops on people. She was trying to get innocent people in trouble, then karma came back around to her when she got reported for drunk driving! You shouldn’t be calling 911 if you drive from Kenosha, Wisconsin to downtown Chicago on a weekly basis hammered off Liquor! Look in the mirror get you own life straight first. Yeah she tries to front like a Chicago city girl on the internet but she lives all the way in Wisconsin. Like her last post on here said INSTAFAKE. Only a matter of time before she gets another DUI or kills an innocent person cause she’s trying to turn up in the club and look cool and get more followers and likes. She’s the definition of LAME! Have fun on probation and going to court Malia remember how much it suks next time you try calling the police on someone and getting an innocent women put in jail. Hopefully you get your life together girl otherwise in 10 years at age 35 you’ll be living in a trailer by yourself eating big burritos and bon bons with 80 cats weighing 300 lbs drinking tequila out of a straw still twerking for a million Instagram likes. But you won’t have no man or kids or friends in real life, similar to the way your life is now. Haha! Don’t drink and drive kiddos!

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