Connor Heidkamp — Creepy Of Chicago

This piece of work is Connor Heidkamp of Chicago, he’s originally from the Palatine – Arlington Heights area and treats women like sh1t. He will lie and manipulate any situation to get what he wants. He ruins lives…he’s a cheater and a dirtball that loves to take advantage of women and give them his DRD with his pinky sized c0ck. He runs a business, Assist Logistics, but never has any money, is in bad, bad dept and has done some SUPER shady stuff like stealing money from his cancer-ridden father and selling his sisters engagement ring in order to bankroll his life and the escorts he uses when he can’t find anyone to fuk his fat a55. Ladies, do yourselves a favor and stay away from him on all the dating apps. He’ll pretend he’s this sweet, honest guy thats super into you until you fuk or suk him and get a DRD, then you wont’ hear from him again unless the pig wants another free roll in the hay with his dirty, baby d1ck

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  1. All lies… I live with my brother and this person is just heartbroken and trying to get their moment in the sun. My brother is an honest hard-working individual and mostly all the time keeps to him self and does whatever he can for his family. This is just absolutely ridiculous never did this ever happen this person is scorn and spouting out things that are not true at all.

  2. Don’t know who wrote this but it’s bs. I’m Conners brother, our dad had prostate cancer in 2017, he had surgery to have the tumor removed and he’s fine now, not cancer-ridden. Me and Conner have three sisters, none of them have ever been engaged. This post is LIES.

    • These unfortunately aren’t lies. I went on a first date with this ‘man’ and ended up in the hospital the next day to get a rape kit done after blacking out after my 2nd drink. I tested positive for GHB. He must be living an extreme double life and must get off on dragging unconscious girls bodies around and taking advantage of them after he drugs them. I can vouge, these statements are definitely true and utterly disgusting. He’s a good liar tho, he fooled me too! 🤮

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