Rebecca Cummiskey — Pregnant Floozy

Where to begin… She was floozying while she was pregnant, doing opioids and screwing all of her baby daddy’s friends! A month before saying they were pregnant, her baby daddy said she was hooking up with all 4 of his roommates. Oh and I can’t forget that she slept with his father and grandfather for money. She is a real delight. Now, her son is 1 and has been taken from her already. She is back on the needles and don’t trust her around your man for a second! She’ll give him drds sooner then you can say cvmstain. Which is her infamous nickname. She is the definition of white trash, tries to intimidate people but never follows through with it. Just a fuking mouth piece with the face of a troll. A close friend of hers told me she once sucked her own brothers d1ck for pills. Nice eh?

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