Phil Carriere Wannabe Biker Bucket

Yooo this guy is Hamilton’s biggest joke and is a straight pathological liar.. every word that comes outta his mouth is a lie. Man says he runs guns but has no guns, says he’s a biker but has no bike
He thinks he’s a drug dealer but gives all his bags to the cheap Barton street hookers that he’s fucking.. the dirty fuck got the clap from his old whore hag Belinda and won’t go to the doctors to get checked so they just spreadin it across Hamilton like the two dirty fucks they are.
This bucket says he has like 10000 baby moms and the kids aren’t even his because his faggot ass can’t actually have babies. He’s the biggest joke known watch out ladies he will make you think he’s this big shot gangster but really he’s just a washed up STI infested loser

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