Mechele Lyse Esselmont — Calgary, Canada

Biggest bimbo floozy in Calgary. This s**t with the pinched a*s and morals of a cheater will not only send you messages about how good your husband is f*****g her, she goes on to warn you that you might want to get checked by a doctor for a rash she noticed on his abdomen when she was going down on him. If he has any kind of rash, you definitely need a checkup but the source of the rash is most definitely coming from her and her whorish ways. She has peanuts for brains and the only thing she can do in life is be a ditzy server. She’s almost 29 now and getting chubby. She used to be anorexic. Times running out! Ps. She loves eating you the cutter! I’d know, kicked here out the second I came! Looks are fading! This floozy thinks she should be getting paid to have s*x with lots of men, she’s just a lazy w***e who fills her days with random c***s that are willing to give her a pity f**k when things aren’t going so well at home. Flirts with literally every guy trying to get them to fall for her and give her free stuff.

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