Merete Natvik Wintger Alcoholic Homewrecker Gold Digger

Merete Natvik Wintger Alcoholic Homewrecker Gold Digger. This “woman” is nothing but a homewrecker who looks for men to live off of. She lies about her past and education and loves to break up families. She works as a nanny and loves to weasel her way in to the bedroom this way. If she can’t get in as a nanny she will just find someone to date and that’s when things get bad. She will convince that person that she loves them and that she is devoted to that man, so they need to be devoted to her. This is when she starts to split the family up. That man is in love with her, so family is not needed in her eyes. She needs to be their focus, and will manipulate the man to think this way as well, because it will be her way or the highway. She will then start to slowly drain them finically, and when she can’t go party every day she will steadily drink herself into a coma (she has a metal plate in her head from doing this). She has a seizure disorder and has fallen down the stairs and busted her skull open and has a metal plate in her head. She has been ordered into rehab, but of course that is for quitters. Her own family doesn’t want anything to do with her because of her drinking, which is why she does not stay in Norway. She is a natural redhead, but will go blonde to switch up her appearance or to try and throw people off of her trail. She wants US citizenship and will not stop until she gets it. Guys please be aware of her and her ways! Guys if you see this woman, RUN!

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